The Alliance of Masonry Heater and Oven Professionals was formed in response to the need for an authoritative and reliable source of information about masonry heaters to interact with the EPA and other groups concerned with the future of wood fired heating in the US.

Initially AMHOP’s efforts were directed almost entirely to the formulation and review of codes, regulations, and standards related to masonry heaters. It didn’t take us long to realize that the same wealth of knowledge and experience that our members brought to the regulation front gave us great potential for other things also.

Since all the founding members were also accomplished oven builders, and because the two industries have so much in common, it was deemed wise to include ovens in our work as well.

AMHOP is dedicated to developing the masonry heater and oven industries through developing the people who take part in them:

Education of consumers, contractors, architects, and building inspectors is the core of our work.

AMHOP members receive the most up to date and accurate information on technological changes, construction techniques, design, materials, and codes that keep them on the cutting edge of what’s possible today and tomorrow. AMHOP members enjoy the security of knowing that they’re not only among a group of the finest builders in the craft, but that they’re part of a group dedicated to furthering that craft, one builder at a time.

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