Choosing Your Builder

Masonry heater and oven builders have varying levels of expertize. At the basic level, the installer should be trained in kit building that follows the manufacturers instructions. You can trust a professional AMHOP certified installer to have the proper insurance and follow local building code, and licensing requirements. AMHOP requires members to build according to the only current regulative guide ASTM E1602 "Standard Guide for Construction of Solid Fuel Burning Masonry Heaters".

At the mid-level, the experienced builder is certified to follow the design of a master builder for a custom installation. Again, all proper insurance, local bulding codes and licensing will be followed by the professional AMHOP member.

The AMHOP certified master designer/builder will design and install the proper custom heater for your space. He will use the latest calculation technology to ensure proper function, lowest emissions and highest efficiency. When size of the footprint is a concern, his skills will enable use of the smallest amount of space needed to heat your home.

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