Masonry Heater Models and Kits

Masonry heaters range in size from smaller room heaters to larger systems designed to heat an entire house. All masonry heaters are constructed with a masonry or refractory core, but utilize a variety of materials and shapes. There are several types of internal construction, which allow very different designs to the external appearance. The core is surrounded by another layer, which may be a finish material such as brick, kachelstone tile or soapstone. Less expensive material, such as a layer of firebrick covered with stucco or tile, may cost more in labor. The simplest masonry heater, often referred to as a contraflow, is similar to a fireplace with downdraft channels. Next in complexity is a multi-channeled heater, sometimes called a Swedish, which has vertical channels up, down and up again. A combination heater, Austrian or German, has vertical and horizontal channels. Masonry heaters are available in core kit form that must be assembled by a knowledgeable installer or builder with a facade of stucco, brick, stone, or tiles. Masonry heaters also come in manufactured units that must be site built by an authorized representative. Finally, custom designed and engineered masonry heaters may provide maximum efficiency and be sized precisely for your home or room.

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