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About Maine Wood Heat

A masonry heater from Maine Wood Heat will keep your home and loved ones warm, happy and healthy all winter long. Much more than a simple fixture or appliance, we like to say that a masonry heater is the Heart of the Home. Its gentle heat draws us in on cold days with a warm embrace and the allure of a flickering fire.

The tradition of masonry heaters is founded in an enduring dedication to efficiency. The concept is simple, tried and true: Complete combustion is utilized to warm the masonry mass, which in turn radiates healthy, long-lasting heat throughout the home, renewing the energy of those who gather around it.

At the Maine Wood Heat Co. our philosophy has always to been to build and promote the greenest, most efficient and beautiful products we could. As the only 100% organic wood fired oven on the market, the Le Panyol oven is as close to a perfect match as we could ask for.

The Maine Wood Heat Company offers Le Panyol ovens which can come as a core package for a do-it-yourself, or on-site installation managed by our team of ovenbuilders. We also design and build prefabricated copper ovens here at our headquarters in Maine for both residential and commercial use.

Maine Wood Heat History

In 1978 Albie and Cheryl Barden traveled through Europe and Scandavia with their infant son, Scott, on their backs. Our purpose was to research the masonry heater and oven traditions of various countries, searching for the design that could most readily be adapted to the New England Colonial red brick open fireplace heritage. In Finland they found a vibrant tradition of red brick cookstoves, masonry heaters and ovens, along with readily available high quality cast iron heater hardware, specialized mortars, technical literature and construction instruction–a perfect fit.

In 1979 Albie made a second trip to Finland and became a lifetime partner with the Finnish castings company now called Narvi Oy. He also began a lifelong friendship with one of Finland’s chief masonry heater researchers and writers, Heikki Hyytiainen, with whom he would eventually co-author a book, Finnish Fireplaces: Heart of the Home. Bringing and adapting the Finnish and European masonry heater tradition to the States became Albie and Cheryl’s life work. Now, 30 years on, their son Scott has joined the business as a full partner and is raising his own young children in a culture their family helped to create.

In addition to designing and building heaters throughout the United States and importing masonry heater hardware from Finland, Albie began teaching hands-on workshops in masonry heater construction in 1978. He has also written several manuals on Finnish and Russian Fireplace and Cookstove construction.

About ten years ago, Albie decided to add wood fired ovens to the products and services that the Maine Wood Heat Company offers. In France he found Le Panyol, a family-owned business that has been producing artisan crafted 100% organic wood fired ovens since 1840. Maine Wood Heat became Le Panyol’s North American partner and importer, selling and installing wood fired ovens in homes, bakeries and restaurants from coast to coast.

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