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(888) 669-8804
Timothy Seaton
Timothy Seaton

About Timely Construction

Timely Construction is a masonry installation business built around the expertise and experience of Timothy Seaton, a third generation mason with a degree in civil engineering and professional training in healthy home construction.

Timely Construction specializes in two main areas: 1) high efficiency masonry heaters, and 2) wood burning cookstoves and bake ovens. Timothy has a broad base of experience that you may want to tap into for other projects as well.

Manufacturers we have worked with: Cronspisen (formerly Royal Crown of America); Empire Masonry Heaters, Inc.; Envirotech (Dietmeier, Ward, and Stroud); Gabriel Kakelugnar; La Panyol; Maine Wood Heat, Co. Inc.; Moberg Fireplaces, Inc.; Mugnaini, Inc.; Temp-Cast Enviroheat Ltd.; Tulikivi Oy

Timely Construction History

Timely Construction, Inc. was started in 1990 by owner Timothy Seaton and his late wife Sandy to apply Timothy's third generation masonry expertise and engineering education to detailed masonry design and construction projects. Since then we have installed masonry heaters, cookstoves and ovens from nearly every North American and several European manufacturers as well as of our own design. We work to bring the highest level of technical expertise and affordability to every customer.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012 Kneading Conference West

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